let’s see how this goes

Blogging. This is a thing I’m trying now. I need to start getting more comfortable sharing my work if I ever want a career in writing, so here we are. This blog will likely be a mess of whatever I feel passionate about at the moment, so prepare your brains for angry rants and poetic rants and maybe even some creative writing.

I’m not sure how often I’ll post. I might go on a roll and publish several things in the span of a few days, and I might be absent for awhile. Life is crazy and so is this idea, but maybe eventually, if this works out, I’ll come up with a schedule. Who knows!

You should expect a post detailing a bit about me in the coming days.

For now though, let me adjust to this platform and work out the kinks.

“My eyes were glued on life and they were full of tears.” — Jack Kerouac

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