quick lil update

Well well well…it has been awhile!

I’m not too happy about the hiatus I took, honestly. I kept meaning to come back and keep posting, but every time I went to write, I found something else to do. Basically, I’m leaning on the catch-all shitty excuse that “life got in the way.” I won’t say much else, but rather I’ll work on posting more often and also work on improving my content!

Plans for the future of this blog:

  • Post more fashion-related things, such as look books!
  • Write longer and more thoughtful posts – AKA don’t just copy thought dumps from my journal. Instead, I’ll sit down and plan out posts; adding photos, videos maybe, and overall write higher quality content.
  • Make a Youtube channel?!??!?!???????
    • This one is very much a baby of an idea. I just like the concept of making fashion and makeup videos, as well as posting vlog-type things!
    • I have no clue if this will happen, considering I have no camera and only a very basic knowledge of editing.

I apologize to the few crickets that read this blog. My absence was much longer than expected, but I am fully ready to get back into posting! I miss this blog!

Expect posts to come in the next week or so, as well as a little life update!


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