how to feel beautiful: a collective list

This is a list that I started in my journal, but that I think will help out anyone reading it in feeling more beautiful (inside and out) on a daily basis.

The idea for this list is that whenever I think of something that makes me feel more beautiful, I’ll add it to the list. This post will be somewhat of a continuous thing, as I add more and more to it.

Let’s begin!

– – –

1. Pamper yourself sometimes.

Use a face mask, spend some extra time in the shower, take a nice bath. Whatever. Just remind yourself that treating yourself nicely is just as important as treating others around you nicely.

2. If you shave, do so with exfoliator or a sugar scrub.

Get those legs smooth. So smooth, babies will be jealous.

3. Do a makeup detox; as in, a few days without makeup.

It will help you appreciate your natural beauty. And it will give your face a lil break.

4. Treat yourself! (shoutout to Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle)

A la Parks and Rec, treat yourself. Buy some clothes, buy some makeup, buy some treats.

5. Compliment others. (as in, random strangers too – just for the hell of it)

Feed and fuel your inner beauty.

6. Do something you love.

Practice a talent, watch a show, see a friend, anything. Doing something you love will improve your mood and again, fuel that inner beauty. Inner beauty, if worked on enough, will shine through to the outside. Cliche, right? But true.

7. Use tea tree oil on acne/pimples.

It’s a natural way to clear up your skin!

8. Surround yourself with the right people.

Absorb each other’s light, positivity, and radiance.

9. Create! In any way you know how.

Put your energy into a tangible thing. This won’t tire you, but rather it will nourish your energy and soul.

10. Dance it out.

In the morning to wake you up, when you take a break from studying, if you need a quick pick me up, whenever. Put on that playlist that brings you to your feet and dance like an idiot.

11. Make a list of things to like about yourself — things that aren’t physical!

Encourage self-love in ways that don’t revolve around your appearance. You are not only the way you look, more importantly you are the way you present yourself! Here’s a few of the things on my list so far:

  • I like my taste in music; I think I’m fairly open to all types of music and can get down to most songs.
  • I’m a passionate person. 
  • I’m sensitive and perceptive to other’s emotions.
  • I’m good at communicating, whether it be through writing or speaking.

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