lost time

– – –

This is a poem I wrote maybe ten or so minutes ago. It came out of me so effortlessly and it encapsulates wholly and completely my feelings at the moment.

I’ve always dabbled in poetry, but never practiced it or got serious with it. Lately though, I’ve been doing it more often. It’s a quick and easy way to spill some emotions onto paper without getting too complicated. Maybe I’ll post more in the future.

“Doesn’t it scare you that you’ve wasted more than half your life hating yourself? It should.” – Michelle K.

16 things learned in 16 years

So I turned 17 the other day. November 20th to be exact. It’s been a ride, let me tell you, and I think I’ve done quite a bit of growing. Over these 16 years, I’ve learned a little bit and every year I add something new to a mental list of things to always keep in mind. I thought I would share this list with you.

Yes, this type of post is overdone and somewhat contrived. Yes, this list might not mean anything to anyone else but me. But I’m writing it anyway, because maybe I can lend even the smallest piece of advice to someone. Let’s begin.

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