take a walk

A lot of the writing I’ve been doing lately (or had time to do or been able to finish because I’m being graded) is for my Writer’s Craft class. The last unit we worked on was memoirs, and for my final assignment, I had to write one about my life. If you don’t know, a memoir is somewhat like an autobiography but rather than looking at your whole life, you focus on one specific part or “episode”.

The “episode” I wrote about was a terrible two weeks I experienced last November, where I reached what I would consider my lowest point so far in my life. I won’t say much more, so as not to give anything away, but this piece took a fair amount of effort to put into words because of how personal it is. I’m pretty proud of it, though it could be better. Whatever, I’m sharing it anyway!

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a handy guide to mental illness

This is a short story I wrote for a contest at school. I put a lot of heart into it, and it means a lot to me. It talks about mental illness, which goes unnamed in the story. It’s a look into what a person going through that situation might deal with everyday. Not everyone will understand and not everyone with a mental illness experiences it this way, but maybe you’ll relate to it or maybe you’ll gain some insight into what someone you know is going through. Otherwise, I think this story is wonderful whether or not you take something away from it.

The theme for the story was Mirror Mirror, so I generalized it to just mirrors, and went from there. The mirror is somewhat of a symbol, staying unmentioned the majority of the story. The mirror is there to show the character, not their “true self” like some symbolic depictions of mirrors in stories, it simply shows them. In the moment. The mirror is a constant, while their feelings fluctuate and change. Every time the character returns to the mirror, they are experiencing a different form of their illness.

I hope you enjoy my story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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