take a walk

A lot of the writing I’ve been doing lately (or had time to do or been able to finish because I’m being graded) is for my Writer’s Craft class. The last unit we worked on was memoirs, and for my final assignment, I had to write one about my life. If you don’t know, a memoir is somewhat like an autobiography but rather than looking at your whole life, you focus on one specific part or “episode”.

The “episode” I wrote about was a terrible two weeks I experienced last November, where I reached what I would consider my lowest point so far in my life. I won’t say much more, so as not to give anything away, but this piece took a fair amount of effort to put into words because of how personal it is. I’m pretty proud of it, though it could be better. Whatever, I’m sharing it anyway!

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pink to red

This is a piece I wrote for my Writer’s Craft class. We had to write 4 pieces; one which we would have edited and hand in, and three others that would go in our portfolio to only be seen by our teacher. I almost used this as my final one, but eventually decided on another. I still really like this piece, so I decided to share it here.

It’s something called a Frozen Moment, which is basically when you write about a very short and specific moment in time. For this one, I wrote about the final hug of a couple who are broken up, which isn’t explicitly stated in the story, so take their last embrace how you will. Is one of them dying? Did someone cheat? Who knows! Hope you like it!

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